Welcome to the new games section! I'm learning to program Lingo for Director 8, in preparation my post-graduate program next year in Interactive Multimedia. So I'm testing out my new skills with some Shockwave games. So here's the games I've done and look back here once and a while for new additions! If you have any comments, suggestions or critisms about the games, please e-mail me at: Matt_Fabb@yahoo.com

You need Macromedia's Shockwave Player to play these games! If you don't have it on your computer, download a free copy of it now at the following link:

Slider Puzzle Game

     This is the classic puzzle game where you have a picture cut up that is into squares and scrabbled and the player has to rearrange the squares to get the original picture.

Scratching Post Logo

Band Picture

Memory Matching Game

     This is the classic memory game where you have a set of cards laid out and you try to correctly match pairs by turning over the cards one at a time. 

Memory Matching

Shooting Gallery Game

     This game emulates the shooting galleries from carnivals where you have to shoot the moving target. There's different colour dragons that go at different speeds and are worth different points. The faster the speed the more points they are worth. 

Shooting Gallery Game

Invaders Games

    It's the old classic Space Invader's game but in Scratching Post style. Fight off the SP dragons or floating Scratching Post heads!

Instructions: Use the space bar to fire and the arrow keys to move left and right,
while using the shift key to pick up speed.

SP Dragon Invaders


SP Floating Heads Space Invaders

Scratching Post Roadkill

    Another classic video game made Scratching Post style! Instead of a frog moving across the street, you are the 4 band members trying to get across to Lee's Palace to get to a gig! Get them all across the street without getting killed to beat the game! Plus there's 3 different difficulty levels!

Instructions: Use the arrow keys to move left and right,
while using the shift key to pick up speed.

Scratching Post Frogger


Scratching Post Paddleball

    The old Paddleball game Scratching Post Style.

Instructions: Move the mouse back and forth to move the paddle.

Scratching Post Paddleball

Lord of the Wings (aka SP Pacman)

    It's Moby staring in Lord of the Wings game. Moby is a Pacman type character eating wings, with the McLobster going after him. Later on I plan to make the McLobster smarter, more bonus points, death scene and other cool things

Instructions: Use the keyboard arrows to move around and eat up all the wings.

Lord of the Wings

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