Release date: September 5th, 2000

The first single: Fade Away

Cover art by: Dimitri Patelis!
heck out some of Patelis previous work at:

Record Label: The new album is to be released on Scratching Post's own independent label Beastmaster Music, now that Squirtgun Records is pretty much dead.

Producer: Chris Peters, who previously worked with other artists such as Kid Rock and Ted Nugent.

About the songs on the new album (in the order of track listing):

  1. Fade Away
    -Originally released as Make It Easy with the first set of demos. However, Make It Easy never made it into SP's live set and resurfaced as Fade Away. It was released on MP3 for 24 hours on April 17 on and was a immediate fan favorite, with many people raving about it on the Scratching Post message board. Most people consider this to be one of SP's best songs to date with the really cool chorus that has Nicole going from screaming, then quiet soothing vocals. This was the first single released to radio stations mid-August. The band has shot a video for this song which should be released to MuchMusic this April or March.

  2. M-Bomb
    -Part of the last set of heavier songs that were written before the new album was completed. Nicole gave the fans on the message board a quick 17-second preview of the song and it sounded great! This song will be released to the public before the new album is out as it's on a compilation called "Tribenation Radio Circus" which will be given away for free in at a touring BXM/skateboard show called the Tribenation, which will visit 33 cities across Canada. Go to: for more details. This song or Sleepwalking might possibly be the second single.

  3. Sleepwalking (previous called Seeing Red)
    -Part of the last set of heavier songs that were written before the new album was completed. This is one of my personal favorites of the new album with some great heavy  riffs in it. This song or M-Bomb might possibly be the second single.

  4. Pants Down
    -From the second set of demos released as MP3's on the official Scratching Post website during the fall of 1999. The demo version of this song had a drum machine and also had some cool beeps and blips in it that were reminiscent of Weezer or the Rentals. The drum machine was used as Jeff wasn't around to play drums for the recording of the demos. This song founded it's way into the live set just a bit after it was released as a MP3 and got great fan reaction including some fans who as a joke started dropping their pants when this song was played!

  5. Keep Looking My Way
    -One of the first new songs to pop up in the summer of 1999. A demo version of it was released for a limited time in MP3 format which afterwards they started playing it live. This incredibly catchy song was immediately a fan favorite, even surpassing Bloodflame the current single at the time in popularity with SP fans.

  6. DragonFire (previous called This Time It's Personal)
    -Part of the last set of heavier songs that were written before the new album was completed.

  7. Game Over/Game On
    -Part of the second patch of demos was released as MP3 during fall of 1999, this song caught a lot of fans by surprise with the sound as it was quite different from anything that the band has done. A drum machine was used because Jeff was around when the demo was being recorded. Also what was quite different was this song featured some turntables scratching. This song was finally put into SP's live set at the end of 1999 beginning of 2000 and sounded a lot more heavier and fuller with the whole band than the demo version (and no turntables).

  8. Make It Easy
    -This song was originally released with the first set of demos. However, Make It Easy never made it into SP's live set and resurfaced as Fade Away. A new very different version of Make It Easy made it onto the album resembling very little from the original demo.

  9. Militiagan
    -This is a mix of clips of Nicole talking to the Peters brothers who produced the album. Nicole keeps a small little tape recorder on her to record any ideas that she might sudden have. Well, one time while the Peter bothers were trashing Nicole she recorded what they were saying without the Peters brothers realizing it. Nicole liked it so much that she put it in the album with a mix of crunching heavy guitars.

  10. Wake Up, You're On Fire
    -Part of the last set of heavier songs that were written before the new album was completed. The lyrics are reference to what happen to Scratching Post's drummer Jeff. A couple of years ago after a night of partying, a drunken Jeff was waken up by a friend of his who told him his hair was on FIRE!! Jeff of course survived the fire but his house didn't as it was burned to the ground. That's why his a couple of years ago Jeff's hair went from very long, to a buzz cut. This is so song is so crazy and so incredible different and vastly louder than anything Scratching Post have ever done before. It has a extremely fast paced metal or hardcore feel to it with Phil doing most of the vocals screaming away, with Nicole joining in on the screaming for the chorus.

  • Hidden Track (rant from the Boy Scout show and Bloodflame mid)
    This hidden track is a little rant by a Scout leader from a Scratching Post show in  Brampton at a Boy Scouts jamboree. He goes on ranting that the boys must stay still during the show and must "keep control of their bodies". This little rant was captured by one of the Scratching Post fans Nuwisha, who taped the show with a Mini-disc player. Once it's finished and the band is introduced onto the stage, a small Bloodflame mid file starts up.

 Songs that unfortunately didn't make the album:

  • Crash
    -This song is a cover by the Primatives which SP started playing around the fall of 1999. Although it is a cover SP have made it enough of their own that is very much sounds like a original SP song and not a cover. I think it didn't make the album simply because it was a cover and not original material. Also there could have been problems getting the rights for the song.

  • One More Summer's Past
    -This song came out at the same time as Keep Looking My Way during the summer of 1999. Unlike Keep Looking My Way, it was never released as a MP3, but also found it's way into SP's live set.  This song did not make it onto the new album because apparently the producer Chris Peters thought the song was crap. Also it originally wasn't written by Scratching Post, but was written by a friend of theirs. This friend wasn't planning of using it and gave it to Scratching Post to use.