November 30, 2000

Two really cool SP fans, Heather and Mike have put together a little Scratching Post fan party, which is happening this Saturday December 2, at around 3pm at "C'est What Cafe" in Toronto. A lot of Scratching Post fans have met each other at shows and/or online, so this is a little party to get together and talk away from blasting music that's at the shows. Nicole from the band should also be there, and I'm not sure, but maybe she might drag along some of the other band members with her. If all goes well, people will try to start making these little get-togethers happen on a regular basis. This is open to everyone and they purposely picked an all ages place so everyone could hang out.

November 5, 200

Tuesday, November 14th, Scratching Post are playing a free 19+ show at the Horseshoe Tavern, part of the 7th Anniversary of The New Music Night, brought to you by Edge 102!  Scratching Post should hit the stage at around 10 pm and The UnBand and Staggard Crossing are also playing that night.

Scratching Post's This Time It's Personal is number 15 on the Canadian College Radio charts!! After several weeks moving up the charts, they have stalled at #15, which a second week without moving up the charts but staying at 15 for the second week.  Meanwhile at Cambrian College has Scratching Post listed at #1 on their Metal/Loud Chart!

During the break between the Canadian east coast tour and the west coast tour Scratching Post filmed the new video for Fade Away. In the video an evil SP duke it out with a good SP! Check out some pictures of Chartattack took of the video shot at:

Scratching Post were recently featured on the cover of the Halloween edition of See Magazine in Edmonton!

Scratching Post were featured on the second page in the Edmonton Journal before Halloween! The newspaper is online, so check out the article on Jeff burning down his house a couple of years ago at:

Scratching Post will be on the cover of Access magazine, a Canadian magazine which is released across Canada in selected schools and music stores. However, it's still unsure which issue SP will make it on, but it looks like it may be the December issue! 

Finally Scratching Post are featured in a interview in November's Chart magzine! It's still a while before it hits the newstands but look for it with the Moffats on the cover. Also if you hurry you can still get the October issue of Chart magzine, which contains a good review of Scratching Post's This Time It's Personal.

So far the west coast with Robin Black & The Intergalactic Rockstars has been quite a success! Nicole claims that SP are out-partying Robin Black and his band say they are "A.T.N.A", All Talk and No Action. At the Halloween show in Edmonton, Nicole wore a full girl-guide uniform which she recently had fitted just for her, Moby went as a viking, Phil just wore glasses and Jeff went dressed... as himself. Also before the Halloween show the band stayed in a supposedly haunted house, where some crazy weird and spooky things apparently happened to the band. Nicole has promised a full account when the band returns to Ontario. Also in Edmonton, Nicole managed to visit her grandmother, who blew off a lunch with her cousin Jean Chretien (yes, Nicole is related to our current and maybe future prime minister)!

October 15, 2000

Tonight, at 11 pm EST Scratching Post will be interviewed on Mucheast!

This Time It's Personal is now back on www.hmv.combest-sellers chart at number 18! The album debuted at #1 on the HMV website chart  before dropping to #22 and then completely dropped off their charts!

Nicole is going to be appearing on TSN's Off The Record on Monday, October 16th! There's a spot on Off the Record website which not only shows a picture of Nicole, but has a clip of Scratching Post's Rock Past It video! So if you haven't had a chance to see the video, go to:

Nicole is this Octobers Exclaim magazine! She's in the "20  Questions" section where Exclaim asks the same 20 questions to  different musicians with very different results. Exclaim magazine can be found in all sorts of clubs, music stores, schools and various other places. If you're looking for it the cover has King Cobb Steelie on the cover in front of a orange van.

Scratching Post is going to appear on the cover of future issue of  Access magazine! Access is another free magazine that is distributed around to various music stores and schools. It is still unknown right now which issue Scratching Post will be on the cover, but I'll let you all know through this newsletter as soon as I find out.

Finishing off the magazine news, Scratching Post will be in a  future issue of Chart magazine... as with Access magazine, it's  unknown right now which issue, but I'll let you all know as soon as I find out.

October 5, 2000

Scratching Post for are going to be on the Open Mike With Mike Bullard show on Monday Oct. 23!  If you're interested in attending the show order your FREE tickets now by calling 1-888-394-6453 or go to:

This Time It's Personal debut at #1 on Best-sellers charts!! The bad news is that the following week it dropped to #22 before completely dropping off the charts.

Nicole did a interview with, just go to the website and search for Scratching Post. Also this past week "This Time It's Personal" debuted at #1 on umbrellamusic's top ten albums, which is totaled every week.

Nicole is going to co-host a future episode of MuchMusic's Loud! It was originally to be taped earlier but because of the MuchMusic awards it has been postponed to a later date.

Nicole's love for hockey and other sports have helped her get on a guest spot for TSN's Off The Record on October, 16th at 6:00pm ET!

Scracthing Post are going to be filming the video for Fade Away Oct. 17th! So look for it hitting MuchMusic early November!

August 24, 2000

The new single Fade Away was dropped off at the Edge 102 last Friday (August 18)!! So start sending in your requests now for it NOW (check the Hype section for e-mail addresses and links to requests forms)!! The single will probably debut tonight on the Edge's Indie Hour tonight (11 pm to midnight eastern standard time). If you're not in Toronto you can listen to the show online at:

Outside Music, Scratching Post's distributor has an article up on the new album at: There's also a picture of the new album, but apparently it's not the cover that the band decided to finally go with. The official cover can be seen in the Pictures section.

Also there's now a Scratching Post webcam, video game and Street Team!! Check out the Scratching Post webcam at: Check out the Scratching Post pong video game at: And last but not least the Scratching Post Street Team at:

August 8, 2000

With the new album coming out expect press on Scratching Post to pick up again! Check out one of the first magazine articles on the new album in Eye magazine at:

July 26, 2000

Big news today, as Chartattck had a article on the new SP album which included the track listing. Go check out the full article at:
"Crash" by the Primatives and "One Summer's Past" unfortunately didn't make it onto the new album. Also "Make It Easy" is on the album, when that song changed into "Fade Away". So what song is "Make It Easy"? Check out the New Album section for more info.
Also the ChartAttack article mentions that ChartAttack want have a interview with Nicole before the new album comes out!!

July 25, 2000

An ad for the new Scratching Post album is in this month's Chart Magazine. Only it says "Scratching Post III" which was what the album originally was going to be called. Also the ad says "August 2000" which is also no longer true as the new album has been delayed until September 1st. However, it's still the first look of how the new Scratching Post logo looks like. I should have a scan of it up on my website soon!
Also Evil Dildo has started a Scratching Post mailing list! Go join at:

July 20, 2000

The FINAL release date for the new SP album is SEPTEMBER 5th, 2000!! It was pushed so far back because of art work and photo delays. There should be no more delays as everything has been properly scheduled. The first single will be Fade Away, look for it to hit the radio waves around mid-August along with ads int he local music mags.
However, if you can't wait that long for the album, one of the new songs will be available on a compilation before that! The SP song called "M-Bomb" will appear on the Tribenation Radio Circus compilation, which will be available for FREE at the Tribenationals skateboarding/BMX tour which is going all the way across Canada. Check out more information at:

July 14, 2000

The new album has once again been delayed because of problems with the photographs & artwork. I don't know what the new release date is (hopefully it will only be one week late) but as soon as I find out I will report it right away on this site. I've also seen the cover, but unfortunately I can't releave any of the details as I've been sworn to secrecy. However I will have a picture of the new cover up on by at least the release date maybe a couple of days sooner if Nicole lets me. What I will say about the cover it that it's one of the best album covers I've seen in a while! If you haven't already check out work by Dimitri Patelis at: All of his work is really top class and the current cover is no exception! Woohoo!! Can't wait for the new album to come out!!

July 6, 2000

The voting for the new album title is over! The official title is now "This Time It's Personal", which I think is kinda cliche and cheesy, but this album is still going to ROCK!!

July 5, 2000

Nicole set-up a online voting booth to get fan reaction on possible album title names. Meanwhile in SP fasion news, Nicole has changed her hair, from the almost trademark red hair to a neon orange, with chunks of pink at the ends of her hair. She did this just before the band started doing photo shoots for the new album, so expect to see that in the linear notes in the new album! =)

July 3, 2000

New website design!

June 19, 2000

The release date has been pushed back yet again, but this time only by a week. The new release date is Tuesday August 1st. Also famous science-fiction/fanatsy artist Dimitri Patelis is doing the cover art. Check out the New Album section for more details on the up coming album. Also the newest rumors about a release party now include a in-store signing and show at HMV!

June 8, 2000

News has been so with very little to report but I'm sure things will change as the new album coming out. Scratching Post are actually right now in Michigan recording the new album!
The OFFICIAL release date of SP's yet to be titled album is: JULY 25th!! According to Nicole this date has been "written in stone"! Also chances are there will be a release party July 25th in downtown Toronto (Lee's Palace possibly?).

April 26, 2000

In a interview tonight Nicole announced there will be a new SP album out June 30th (tentative date)!! Check back to this website soon for a new section on information on the new album!

March 23, 2000

This website was featured on tv on MuchMusic's Go With The Flow! There was a link to this site from Go With The Flow's website at:!

March 16, 2000

Reached 1000 hits today! Thank you all for visiting!!

March 7, 2000

On the official website, SP now have pictures from their trip to Ann Arbor to record new material. Also Nicole recently mentioned on the message board that the band is incorporating two new songs into their live set! They are going to start playing a new version of "Game Over/Game On" a song they wrote on their last trip to Ann Arbor to write demos. Also they will now start playing a brand new song called "Fade Away"!

March 2, 2000

SP are back from their trip from Ann Arbor recording new material! Here's what Nicole posted on their message board about the trip: "Hey everybody!! We're back! Wow, what a trip. Some parts amazing, some parts hellish and some parts boring f--k.
The amazing part was how the stuff turned out. I'm SOOOO happy with how everything sounds. I think you guys will like it.
Hellish: those Ann Arbor boys are like army drill officers or something. They work us really wouldn't be a bad thing if they weren't so mean to us!!! Well, I'm 1/2 kidding but they really are mean to us (me in particular)...I had no idea there was so much stuff about myself to make fun of.
Also hellish: poor Phil and Jeff side-swiped a transport truck on the highway as soon as they crossed the border. Luckily the only thing that happened was a dented mirror!
More hellish: Ann Arbor is SO expensive. I guess because it's a college town they really inflate the price of everything. Take that and the exchange rate and we get really fucked.
Boring: Chris and Drew actually banished us from the studio one day. There was a sign on the door that said: "SCRATCHING POST-STAY OUT! NO BULLS--T. The mngmt." Ouch! We had NO "fun" money to blow so we sat in our lovely Motel 6 room and watched more TV then I have ever watched in my life. Phil taught me how to play blackjack but we had no $ to blow at the casino so it was useless.
But yeah, it was a super successful trip. Chris and Drew are geniuses and we are so lucky to be able to work with them.
It feels good to be home though..."

February 8, 2000

SP have made booked off February 21 to go back into the studio, to record the new tracks they are working on.
Also SP now is officially sponsed by Spitz, a Canadian company that makes sunflower seeds!! So what does that mean for you the SP fan? Well, it means that every SP show you go to, you will able FREE samples of Spitz sunflower seeds at the SP merch table!

January 24, 2000

SP is currently working on some new tracks. They hope to use these demos to get themselves a US record deal. Here's what Nicole had to say on the SP message board about the new gear:
"We're havin' fun with our rental stuff! I love gear!...
...We rented a digital 16-track which kicks ass. We also rented a keyboard which has some crazy sounds on it. Fun stuff to f--- around with!!!
This is gonna be a kick-ass bunch of new songs for you all!"

January 12, 2000

Not much happening in the SP camp as the band has been taking the some time off for the holidays. However, Nicole has created a interesting "project". It's a webpage that can be found at:

January 1, 2000

Happy New Year Everyone!

December 21, 1999

SP are going to be apart of the Humble & Fred's Christmas show on December 24th! The show will be broadcasted live from the Horseshow on the Edge 102.1 FM. Listen to them play live on the air, or go see them in person (tickets are $2 + food donation). More details to come later on!

December 3, 1999

SP are featured in a 4 page spread in Canadian Musician magazine!It's the biggest article on SP to date!

November 30, 1999

SP are back from their Western Canada Tour with Big Sugar and here's what Nicole has to say about the tour:
"Everyone keeps asking me stuff about the tour so here goes:
The tour with Big Sugar was amazing! Started in Owen Sound and ran to Vancouver (from where we played our way back home).

Highlighs of the tour included:
1. Playing 3 nights at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver! Awesome venue!
2. Meeting Randy Bachman backstage at the Commodore
3. Going bowling with Big Sugar and the singer from WideMouth Mason in Winnipeg
4. Seeing, but not running over: Deer, Elk, Bald Eagles and Moose
5. Discovering they eat the Moose that weren't so lucky in Prince Albert. "Moose Steaks"
6. Selling a pair of Scratching Post panties for $40 in Regina
7. Watching a stripper "dance" to Bloodflame, Unforgiving Love and Unstoppable in Owen Sound. So surreal! Later that night, one of the strippers came down to model the panties--sales sky rocketed!

Finally, the biggest treat of all was Big Sugar and their crew (Tristin, Jeff, Scotty, Pete and Alex). We were treated so well! They were all amazing to hang with!!

Some low-lights:
1. Getting a $140 speeding ticket in the prairies.
2. Getting freaked on by the promoter at the Crazy Horse Saloon in High Prairie and then having our beer withheld til after the show because of showing up late for soundcheck.
3. Trying to conduct phone interviews via cell phone through the prairies/mountains.
4. Fog!!!! Not much snow which we totally lucked out on but this hellish fog!! Especially through the mountains. We were being guided by the yellow line at the edge of the mountain.
5. Some REALLY skanky hotels we found ourselves booked into....I still feel itchy.

The highlights definitely outweighed the low-lights!!! It was an amazing experience had by all!!! Thank you BIG SUGAR for making it happen. Mr. Jim 4-eva!

That's the story as best as I can remember it!!

November 19, 1999

SP will be interviewed live tonight live from Vancouver on the Edge's Live In Toronto!! If you don't live in Toronto you can still listen in to the interview over the Internet by going to It's unknown exactly when SP will be on, but the show is on from 6 to 8 pm.

November 18, 1999

The Reader's Poll that Chart was running has finally come to close. Destruction Of the Universe came in at #9 in Best Canadian Album beating out some albums of the bigger bands like Moist, Len, Sarah McLachlan, Wide Mouth Mason and Blue Blue Rodeo. Meanwhile Nicole came in #7 in Sexiest Canadian Woman, as well as #7 in Best Hair Cut! Now I think Nicole and SP should have been higher up as because cheating during the poll, the Chart staff had a bit of a say who ended up where in the poll. Still SP & Nicole did pretty good for a small independent band!!
Also in other bad news SP didn't make in into Big Shinny Tunes 4!

November 11, 1999

As Scratching Post continue to cross Western Canada, they have already SOLD OUT of SP panties!! They are going to have more when they get into Edmonton. So get your SP Panties while you still can! Meanwhile here's what the band and their touring crew are calling their across Canada Tour:

  • Moby: The "sleeping across Canada tour"

  • Phil: "Da Brainz across Canada tour">

  • Jeff: "Mulleting across Canada tour"

  • Nicole: "Where's my orange suitcase across Canada tour"

  • Andy (sound guy): The "I'm fired across Canada tour"

  • Bri (tech): The "jagering across Canada tour..."

November 3, 1999

SP now sells SP PANTIES!! That's right Scratching Post Panties are now available in white, pink, yellow and baby blue and they come in small, medium and large sizes and white thongs too! They were available last night for the first time at their gig at Mohawk College and will be available to buy at all their gigs now as they get ready to cross Western Canada with Big Sugar. I'll post further info, if they start selling them on their website as well.

November 2, 1999

SP will be doing a interview with the Edge from Vancover to report on the re-openning of the Legendary Commodore Ballroom! More news when date and time of interview is announced.

November 1, 1999

SP interview on the Edge tonight at Live In Toronto! Listen to in on 102.1 FM in Toronto or on the Edge's website at!

October 11, 1999

SP's Destruction Of The Universe ranks #97 in the Top 102 Albums of 1999 so far on 102.1 The Edge!

October 15, 1999

SP appeared on CBC's Jonovision and played Bloodflame and Rock Past It!

September 22, 1999

The Edge FINALLY picks up Rock Past It into regular rotation!

September 21, 1999

Rock Past It wins ÇA PASSE OU ÇA CASSE on MusicPlus and is put into regular rotation!

September 19, 1999

SP appeared in a small segement on MuchMusic's MuchEast!

September 16, 1999

Rock Past It is played on 102.1 The Edge for the first time on the Indie Hour!

September 9, 1999

Rock Past It is played on 97.7 Htz FM for the first time on the Indie Spotlight!

September 2, 1999

Rock Past It bumped up to medium rotation on MuchMusic!

September 1, 1999

SP is on MuchMusic's RapixFax, with a small interview and a bit of footage of the band playing in the Humble & Fred Fest!

August 28, 1999

SP's Humble & Fret Fest performace is played over the 'net. Although there are many tecnical diffculties, the show is eventually shown several days later.

August 17, 1999

SP's newest single Rock Past It is released to radio!

July 11, 1999

SP film the video for Rock Past It at the Toronto Street Festival!

February 1, 1999

Scratching Post appear on Open Mike With Mike Bullard as live musical guests. Check the following link to see a pic of Nicole playing on the show: