February 16, 2000

Scratching Post on the Edge
Toronto's Edge 102 has finally put Fade Away into rotation! Hopefully you will see the single on the Edge's New Rock 30 soon!

Scratching Post On HMV Best Canadian Albums Of 2000
At www.hmv.com they list some of the best Canadian albums of 2000 and mention SP's This Time It's Personal! There's no direct link because of the way HMV sets up their website, so if you want to see it just go to www.hmv.com and click on "Best Of Canada 2000" on the column on the right.

Chartattack Reports On The Scratching Post Naked Fan Fame
The people from Chartattack report on the Scratching Post Naked Fan Fame in the following article called: "Horary for Scratching Post boobies!":

Chartattack Reports Nicole's West Coast Tour Diary
Nicole hooked up with Chartattack to give tour diaries as they crossed Western Canada with Clutch and COC. Here are the three Chartattack reports of rocking on the road: http://www.chartattack.com/damn/2001/02/0501.cfm http://www.chartattack.com/damn/2001/02/0803.cfm http://www.chartattack.com/damn/2001/02/1402.cfm

Nicole's West Coast Tour Diary On ScratchingPost.com
The successful COC and Cluth tour coming to a close, Nicole has expanded the tour diaries that she submitted to Chartattack and has not only provided more details but pictures too! Check it out at: http://www.scratchingpost.com/coctourdiary.htm

Scratching Post On The Charts
Scratching Post's new album This Time It's Personal continues to do well on various of charts. At CCRS, Cambrian college, in Sudbury, SP have been on the Top 10 Metal/Loud Rock charts making it up to #6 for Jan. 03 to Jan. 15 and then dropping down to #8 for Jan. 16 to Jan. 29! Meanwhile at CHRW, after 8 weeks on the Charts, This Time It's Personal landed the number ONE spot in their top 30 charts, for the week ending in January 28. Also meanwhile in the Top 50 Canadian College radio charts, the album has dropped to number 39, but at the same time it's been up there for 15 weeks, the longest any album currently in the charts has been up there, showing the album definitely has staying power.

In Depth e-zine Interview
Check out the interview with Nicole by In Depth e-zine at: http://www.indepthzine.com/interviews/nicole.html

January 16, 2001

Nicole On Live In Toronto
Nicole will be interviewed live today on the program 'Live In Toronto' on Edge 102.1 FM, at 7 pm on Wednesday, January 17th! For those of you who don't live Toronto you can still listen to the interview online at: www.edge102.com!

January 9, 2001

*SP to tour with C.O.C. and Clutch*
Scratching Post have been personally picked by two great metal bands C.O.C. and Clutch to tour with them! The tour is being called "Tour Up From The Floor Up" and is going from middle Canada to out west. Check out a small article about SP playing with these two bands at:
Also if you want there's posters online you can print out for these upcoming shows! Go to:

SP To Appear on Inside Entertainment tv show
Scratching Post were interviewed last Friday at Steve's Music store in Toronto by Inside Entertainment. Inside Entertainment is sort of a Canadian version of Entertainment tonight, which airs weekdays nation wide. In Ontario it airs on OnTV, so be on the look out for that interview.

SP's on LOUD & Fade Away video
This next Saturday (January 13th) MuchMusic's metal show, LOUD will feature a news segment on Scratching Post as well as showing SP's Bloodflame video. Nicole and Mark will guest host a future episode of LOUD in February. The Scratching Post video "Fade Away" is finished, but has not been released yet to MuchMusic and chances are it will debut when Nicole and Moby co-host the show. Also another reason for the delay is that the video could have got lost on MuchMusic with all the year-end reviews and things going on at the end of the year.

SP Fan Gathering A Huge Success
December 2, Scratching Post fans had their very first Toronto SP fan gathering! A lot of fans are friends from meeting online and from meeting at shows so Mike and Heather put together a cool little get-
together for the Southern Ontario SP fans, where everyone met in Toronto at "C'est What Cafe". Lots of people showed up including Nicole from SP and it seemed everyone had a great time. It was such a success that there will definitely be another one, maybe around March break, although nothing concrete has been planned yet.

Scratching Post-gate and other crazy things with Chartattack
Check out the following articles on some crazy things happening with Scratching Post fans and Chartattack and their Reader's Poll:

Live SP review at Chartattack
Kari D. from Chartattack caught Robin Black & Scratching Post just before Halloween at Winnipeg's the Zoo. Check out the glowing review at:

SP's TTIP surge up to #10 on the Canadian Campus Radio
Scratching Post's This Time Is Personal has been playing yo-yo on the Canadian Campus Charts, going up and down, once even dropping off the charts, only to pop back up quite high the next week. This past December 8th, the album made it's way up to the highest position yet at number 10! It's also quite strange that an album would reach such a point two months after it's been released. Check out the Canadian Campus Radio Chart at:
Unfortunately, the album has now slipped down to number 17 and there's no new charts yet because of the holiday season, but with the new tour coming up (see next news item) maybe it will have yet another surge and make it's way back up.

SP in Chartattack interview
Check out the following link to a cool interview with Nicole that Chartattack did about the upcoming tour with C.O.C. and Clutch.

New electronic remix of Bloodflame
A cool dance-based electronic duo, who go by the name Gender Fix have created a funky cool remix of Scratching Post's Bloodflame! Nicole has posted up a small clip of the song online at:
Also if you check out Scratching Post live you might be able to hear the whole remix as they have been playing it at some of their gigs before the band hits the stage.

SP comic book
Patrick Langlois, a very cool SP fan from Montreal has created a very cool little Scratching post comic book! Check it out on the Scratching Post website at:

Nicole's How To Be Metal from Exclaim magazine
Just a funny little funny thing that Nicole did for Exclaim magazine in December 1997. James Keast found the list and forwarded it to Nicole, which she has posted up on the website.

The Gretsky Project
Last Halloween show this past November Scratching Post did a cool show in Edmonton with Robin Black & the Intergalactic Rock and most of the band members dressed up. SP's drummer Jeff didn't have a costume, but decided to go as Wayne Gretzky, after all they were playing in Edmonton. Well, at first it started off with Jeff pinning the number 99 to his bare back!! Still before the gig and too much booze later, Jeff got Phil to carve out the number 99 onto his bareback with a knife!! You have to see the pictures to believe it! Check it out at:

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